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  • Kooler Ice

    Kooler Ice

    Start your own ice vending business today with Kooler Ice! Kooler Ice is a leader in the ice vending industry with over 1,400 machines in 45 states, Canada, the Bahamas, Martinique and Australia, so you can count on us to understand how to operate in all weather conditions and environments.

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    Since 2007, Kooler Ice has become a leader in ice vending with the use of innovative technologies to make owning and operating an ice vending machine as efficient and affordable as possible. Over the last ten years, Kooler Ice has developed the largest product line in the ice vending industry and has introduced eight different, uniquely patented, ice vending models. These machines offer different features and price points that were designed to meet the production requirements of all owners and at any location. With over 1,400 machines operating in 45 states, Canada, Australia, French Martinique and the Bahamas, ice vending only equates to 5% of the $4 billion-dollar ice industry. The opportunity to capitalize on this virtually untapped market is tremendous!

    Our mission is to bring the consumer a new and innovative means of purchasing the highest quality ice product available, at a competitive price, in a uniquely convenient way, which protects the environment and improves upon the current delivery and purchasing options available today to provide our owners and their customers a product with undisputed quality and value.

  • Mighty Flame

    Mighty Flame

    MIGHTY FLAME is a premium propane cylinder exchange distributor that prides itself on convenient, dependable, and cost-effective products and services.

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    Recognizing that “dependability” is the cornerstone of a great relationship, MIGHTY FLAME stands behind the Replenish Point Guarantee to ensure:

    • MIGHTY FLAME retailers never run out of propane, ever.
    • Your MIGHTY FLAME cylinder inventory never falls below 40% – 50% full.
    • MIGHTY FLAME delivers cylinders to your retail outlet. Automatically.

    Today, the MIGHTY FLAME brand is acknowledged as the energizing force behind the growing American propane cylinder exchange market.



    Veritas Farm’s “On the Go” CBD line focuses specifically on everyday consumer needs from c-stores. Our #1 selling lip balm product should be in every c-store across America. Ask us about CBD education and support for your store.

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    Since 2015, Veritas Farms, Inc is a vertically integrated agribusiness focused on producing superior quality, whole plant, full spectrum hemp oils and extracts containing naturally occurring cannabinoids.  We currently own and operate a 140-acre farm and production facility in Pueblo, Colorado, and are registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture to grow industrial hemp.  We market and sell our products under the Veritas Farms brand as well as manufacture private label products for a number of leading distributors and retailers.

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