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  • CAF


    CAF is the leading manufacturer of innovative cleaning solutions, specifically designed for the retail fuel environment, that are safe, efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible.

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    At CAF, we know that a clean store is vital in keeping up with increased competition in retail fuel and essential to meeting demands set by customers who expect a positive experience when visiting your stores. We help convenience store owners get their customers from the pumps inside their stores by providing solutions for things like graffiti, heavy diesel staining on pumps and oils stains on concrete.

    Want to improve your customer’s experience while increasing your revenues?

    We’ll work one on one with you to customize a program that offers our innovative and effective cleaning products at a discounted price with a comprehensive cleaning program to improve brand image scores. CAF products not only provide great results, they also save you money and reduce the labor hours spent on cleaning. In fact, CAF has over 13 years of experience in outdoor cleaning and currently supports over 21,000 retail petroleum locations in their successful cleaning efforts.

    If increasing the performance of your stores — and revenue — is your goal, maintaining a clean store will get you there!

  • Cintas


    Cintas will help keep every corner of your facility ready™ — by restocking your restroom supplies and cleaning chemicals, and delivering fresh mats, mops and towels. It all adds up to streamlining your day, saving time and money and impressing your customers.

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    Cintas will help keep every corner of your facility ready™ — by restocking your restroom supplies and cleaning chemicals, and delivering fresh mats, mops and towels. It all adds up to streamlining your day, saving time and money and impressing your customers.

    Mat Service

    Protect your floors with professionally laundered rental mats. With Cintas delivering fresh mats every week, you’ll help keep your facility clean and protect your floors.

    Mop, Towel, and Apron Services

    With the Cintas rental mop, towel and apron services, you’ll be reassured knowing your products will be professionally cleaned and returned every week.

    Restroom Supplies

    No more running the risk of customers finding empty restroom dispensers. With our routine restocking service, you’ll always have essential hand care, paper and air freshener products on hand — and your restrooms will be prepared for visits any time during the workday.

    Cleaning Chemical Service

    Be free from having to manually mix chemicals or store bulky containers. The Signet® Cleaning Chemical System automatically dispenses the perfect amount of properly diluted cleaning chemical, plus scheduled service visits help you keep product in stock without having to carry inventory.

  • Protanic


    Protanic has over 45 years of experience to meet all of your compliance needs including: Tank, Line, Leak Detector, Cathodic Protection, Containment Testing and much, much more!

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    Protanic began in 1972 in the Midwest with one purpose, to locate the source of petroleum leaks at service stations. Protanic continues to be the pioneer in troubleshooting and a comprehensive range of services to the petroleum industry including: Tank, Line, Leak Detector, Cathodic Protection Testing/Construction, and Containment Testing. Additional services include, Helium Leak Pinpointing, Large Pipeline, Industrial Locations, Diesel Bug and Ethanol Corrosion Issues, Fuel Treatments and much, much more! As the oldest third-party testing company with over 45 years of experience, we provide the complete service to your business ensuring you have the support and expertise that you need.

  • Sterile Environments

    Sterile Environments

    Sterile Environments provides the most scientifically advanced nano-polymer antimicrobial surface coating using the EPA registered Bacteria Shield™ Coating System.

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    The Bacteria Shield™ coating remains effective eradicating illness causing germs on surfaces and objects for up to 12 months with just 1 electrostatic spray-on application. Bacteria Shield™ is eco-friendly, Green certified, non-toxic and hypoallergenic and kills over 100 pathogens (clinically proven). Sterile Environments utilizes trained application technicians to electrostatically apply Bacteria Shield™

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